Meet the Team

Education Lead -

This GYPSD teacher is on a secondment with Parks Canada and is the functional head of the education team. This teacher will work with you if you have questions about curriculum, credits or assessment.  If requested, the Education Lead may also provide professional development sessions that highlight the centre and encourage nature-immersion teaching strategies in the regular classroom.

Paul Langevin

Paul is the Education Coordinator and he will work with you on booking your trip, scheduling and details for your trip to the centre.  He will often lead your group in their educational activities.

Administration Assistant

Our Administrative Services Assistant  will work with you on rooming lists, dietary and medical concerns, invoices and questions about the facility.

Jamie Orfald-Clarke - Public Outreach Education Officer
Sanne van der Ros - Public Outreach Education Officer
Jennifer (Fern) Yip - Public Outreach Education Officer

Natalie Verrier - Public Outreach Education Officer at the Marmot Learning Centre – Marmot Basin

Administrative Services Officer 

Dee Jessome - Partnering and Engagement Officer V





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