The Palisades Centre

We at Palisades centre are trying to bring recreational activities to help bring natural sciences and education together.
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We are trying to make sure that you have access to some of the best ways to educate people about nature and how we can enjoy it while learning.

The Center

We at The Palisades Centre are trying to look at education in a very different sense which can bring changes in the lives of people while staying grounded.


Our main vision is to incorporate education into an environment where children can learn while they play.


We are trying to bring awareness into the lives of children while keeping the environment as our key factor to train and educate them into better lives.

Jasper National Park

We are trying to make sure that we have access to some the best natural resources which can allow one to get more knowledge about the changes which is happening. So visit Jasper National Park.

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Our Programs

We have access to some of the best ways to help ensure that you have access to some of the best ways to bring participation in themselves.


Curricular Linked Day

We have a specific curriculum which is based on the curricular linked to the nature and the atmosphere of the day.

Multi-Day Programs

We have a weekly program which can allow you to grow into a better version bring reality into education.

School Credit Programs

With us, you can have access to the best school credit programs which will allow you to use your knowledge in real-life situations.


Contact us and register with us for your educative adventure.

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They have access to some of the best curriculum, which has made it easier for my toddler to explore and learn in the process feeding his curiosity.
Elizabeth C. Rice